Dental Services


Eisner Health offers our patients basic dental care including cleanings, exams, sealants, tooth extractions, limited fillings and preventative education, serving the communities around Downtown Los Angeles, Lynwood, and Sherman Oaks.

Our approach is to integrate care for each patient as a whole. In order to accomplish that, our Dental Team works closely with our Pediatric Department at select sites to provide oral screenings and fluoride varnish application for patients 0-5 years old. Following the same integrated approach of care, the Dental Team visits Eisner’s Women Health Center Department where they provide dental exams and oral hygiene instruction (“OHI”) to expectant mothers.

Another highlight in the Dental Department is our Orthodontics Specialty Services. We are proud to be only Federally Qualified Health Center in Southern California that provides Orthodontics services, including a Cleft-Lip and Cleft-Palate program for eligible patients. We are also qualified to provide Periodontic services for adult diabetic patients who are on medication.

In order to reach more at-risk children, we operate two school-based portable dental clinics in the Los Angeles Unified School District at San Pedro Elementary and Nevin Elementary. We offer cleanings, exams, sealants and minor fillings to our school-based patients and we refer more complicated dental issues to our main dental sites or to each patient’s own primary dental provider. Please call our offices to confirm the availability of these services at this time.

If you would like to schedule an appointment, please call (213) 747-5542.

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