Patient Demographics: Why We Ask

At Eisner Health, our goal is to provide the best care possible that meets your needs. That is why we ask for your demographics, which is basic information about you. 
This includes your date of birth, gender, sex, ethnicity/race, sexual orientation, medical history, employment, and more! We know it might feel like an extra step, 
but here is why it matters.

Personalized Care
Your information helps us create a plan just for you, so you get the right treatment.
Privacy First

Your information is safe with us. We use strict security to make sure it stays private. Personal information is protected by patient privacy laws and not shared with local police or Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) unless legally required by a valid court order or warrant.

Better Access

Knowing more about you and your family helps us improve health care for everyone. It helps us reduce differences in care and make our community healthier.

Culturally Competent Care

Your background affects your health. Understanding it helps us give you better, personalized care.

Your information is key to our mission to improve the health and well-being of the people and communities we serve. If you have questions, our friendly staff is here to help.