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Family Medicine

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Eisner Health delivers full medical services for adults and families, including physicals, sick visits, well visits, family planning, and prenatal care. Our providers and medical assistants, who are fluent in Spanish, also help patients who have chronic diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease or high blood pressure. Some of our patients need special attention for weight loss, preventative services, and diet changes.


In addition, we provide vaccinations, family planning, STD testing, optometry appointments, and a variety of specialty clinics. We try to offer all of these services in each location to make it easier for our patients. Currently, we see Adult patients at our downtown LA, Lynwood, and Eisner Health Family Medicine Center at California Hospital locations.

Specialty Clinics

Chronic Disease Management
We provide special assistance to patients who have diabetes, heart disease, asthma, depression, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. This includes periodontal care, diabetic support groups and meetings with our in-house pharmacists.

Retinal Screening Clinic
Our eye clinic, run by medical assistants, is a unique service we provide for our diabetic patients. Once a year, our patients get eye screenings and the digital photographs are sent to UC Berkeley’s School of Optometry, where they are reviewed and the results are sent back with a recommendation for any abnormal findings. We then refer these patients to eye specialists, as needed.

Diabetic Care Management
We have a nurse practitioner who focuses her time on diabetic care management for our patients most in need of help. She works with the primary care providers of our diabetic patients and helps our diabetic patients learn to control their blood sugar and make positive changes in their lives.

Senior Wellness Initiative
This is led by a nurse practitioner who delivers wellness care for our seniors 65 and older. She focuses on preventative assessments, including medication review, physical exams, mammograms, depression assessments, and colon cancer screenings.

Integrated Behavioral Health (“IBH”)
Our IBH coordinator, a licensed clinical social worker, provides direct mental health support to our adult patients. Our coordinator works with each primary care provider to screen for anxiety and depression.


We deliver full medical services for infants, children, and adolescents, including well-baby care for newborns, infants and toddlers, pediatric asthma care, adolescent care, child dental care, and child behavioral health services. We provide both developmental screenings and autism screenings in early childhood and we offer a network of specialists in the community for children who need specialty care. At our downtown clinic location, we refer our emergency-care patients to Dignity Health – California Hospital Medical Center, which accepts same-day appointments for children who are ill. For those patients who do not have insurance, we offer many options for covering children’s physicals and other health care. Childhood and adolescent immunizations are free of charge from ages 0-19. Our providers and medical assistants are fluent in Spanish and English. Currently, we see pediatric patients at our downtown LA, Eisner Health Family Medicine Center at California Hospital, Lynwood, Sherman Oaks, Panorama City, and Van Nuys clinic locations.

Specialty Clinic

Pediatric Asthma Clinic
Children ages 0-18 meet one-on-one with the asthma educator and a provider in order to develop a treatment plan, receive demonstrations regarding how to properly use medications and participate in both breathing tests and allergy tests through the lab.  We also provide allergy testing for our patients since 80 percent of those who are diagnosed with allergies also have a diagnosis of asthma.

Case Management

We have two case managers who assist in referring patients for behavioral health services, speech therapy, and state-funded developmental support services. They help patients find housing, connect them with educational and other community resources and provide taxi vouchers and bus tokens to get to and from appointments.


Eisner Health’s school-based family planning program is a safe place where students can receive free confidential care including testing, treatment, and counseling. These school-based family planning programs are located at Metropolitan High School, Los Angeles High School, and Santee Education Complex. Students can schedule two types of visits:

  • Non-clinical visits which include pregnancy tests, contraception counseling and distribution of condoms, lubricants, and emergency contraception, and
  • Clinical visits which can include full physical exams, sexually transmitted disease testing and treatment, contraception counseling for prescriptions, and pregnancy testing.

Our medical assistants rotate and cross-train in all of our clinics and are certified family-planning health workers by the California Family Health Council.  Our clinicians include advanced practice nurses (nurse practitioners and certified nurse midwives) and physicians.  Our clinics do not need parental permission to talk to students under the Family PACT program.

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