Helping Our Pregnant Patients Through Dental Screenings – Dr. Rachal Liverman, Dentist

I had a pregnant patient that my dental assistant and I screened at our Women’s Health Center (“WHC”).  During her screening, she had a large abscess on a front/anterior mobile tooth and was in pain.  It was determined that the tooth needed to be extracted and she was given prescriptions that day to stop the pain and infection.  I saw her the next week, extracted the tooth and delivered her a partial denture the same day.  It was gratifying to know I helped to relieve her of her pain, helped her to have a safe pregnancy and cosmetically replaced a missing tooth.  For me, this situation really helped to reinforce the importance of the weekly dental screenings that are completed for our Eisner obstetric patients at the WHC.  She had not informed her provider about her tooth, but because my dental assistant and I had screened her, we helped her to continue with a safe pregnancy and prevent infection to the unborn child.

Ella, who has been a patient at Eisner for several years now, is especially grateful to Dr. Nicole Alton in our Pharmacy department for teaching her how to control her Diabetes.  “Dr. Alton was available for me, answered all my questions and taught me how to inject my insulin.”  Ella was terrified of needles and having to use insulin, but the pharmacy team went above and beyond to ensure that she knew how to do it properly.  According to Ella, “Nicole instructed me how to keep a log of my sugar readings to control my Diabetes.  She also told me what to do if I felt ill, what to eat and even how to exercise.”

There were several instances when her medications were not covered, but our Pharmacy team made sure that she received her insulin and supplies at no cost.   Ella is very happy that our staff took an interest in her health and overall well-being.  Ella concluded by saying, “It’s because of Eisner that I am healthy and alive.  I will always be a patient here.”

Kevin Rossi (Eisner Health Center Board Member, Family Care Physician, Kaiser Permanente)

“My favorite part of being a Board member is that we can truly do something good for the patients, staff, and the Center at-large.  Also, I really love working with other people, developing my leadership skills, the ability to travel once in a while, and doing activities that I don’t regularly get to do during work hours, which is exciting and different.  I hope that all our Board members feel like they are getting something meaningful out of serving as a Board member such as learning something new or developing skill sets for future endeavors, etc.”

“The best thing about being an Eisner Health Board member is that no one in the community ever questions what we are doing.  They always say, ‘Oh, you’re with Eisner Health?  That’s awesome!’  It’s so easy to ask people to support us and give because health centers are small businesses that make a difference in the community.”

“Our Eisner midwives are awesome!  I had the best Midwifery Week! October 6th marked my second year at Eisner as a midwife.  It’s our practice’s 25th anniversary in South Park, but women come from as far as Covina, Long Beach and Santa Clarita to share with us.  The Eisner midwives deliver babies at both California Hospital and Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital and have attended over 25,000 births!  With a 9% primary cesarean rate and >90% VBAC success rate, we currently meet Healthy People’s 2020 goal for the Cesarean rate.  It’s hard to believe but these stats speak only vaguely to the wide variety of services provided.  I am so proud to have earned a spot at this table.”

Daniela, a 12-year-old student, currently attends a local Los Angeles-based elementary school which houses one of Eisner’s four school-based dental clinics.   During Daniela’s initial exam in 2015, it was discovered that she had eight cavities in all of her eight permanent molars.  She was scheduled for a cleaning appointment the following week, during which our staff provided her with specific instructions regarding the proper way to brush her teeth.  Over the next few months, Daniela returned for three separate appointments in order to have fillings done on her teeth and our staff made note that her oral hygiene seemed to dramatically improve during this short time period.  Thanks to the education and support provided by our dental staff, it was determined that she was cavity free at her six month check-up!

Looking to make fresh and healthy meals on a budget?  Did you know that you may qualify for CalFresh benefits?  Eisner wants you to be able to make healthy choices for you and your family.  Call or stop by to speak with an enrollment specialist and learn how you can add to your food budget.  Eisner can help you during the process and provide nutrition assistance so you can buy staples and other healthy foods.

(This project is funded in part by L.A. Care Health Plan and will benefit low-income and uninsured residents of Los Angeles County.)

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