Why I Love Being a Board Member…

Kevin Rossi (Eisner Health Center Board Member, Family Care Physician, Kaiser Permanente)

“My favorite part of being a Board member is that we can truly do something good for the patients, staff, and the Center at-large.  Also, I really love working with other people, developing my leadership skills, the ability to travel once in a while, and doing activities that I don’t regularly get to do during work hours, which is exciting and different.  I hope that all our Board members feel like they are getting something meaningful out of serving as a Board member such as learning something new or developing skill sets for future endeavors, etc.”

“The best thing about being an Eisner Health Board member is that no one in the community ever questions what we are doing.  They always say, ‘Oh, you’re with Eisner Health?  That’s awesome!’  It’s so easy to ask people to support us and give because health centers are small businesses that make a difference in the community.”