Reports from the Frontlines: Providing COVID-19 Vaccines in Los Angeles

As the COVID-19 virus threatened to overwhelm the nations’ hospitals in March 2020, community clinics served as the first line of defense for residents. The Eisner Health team worked on the front lines to combat the COVID-19 pandemic and keep our communities safe.

As we near the end of 2021, Eisner Health continues to be instrumental in ensuring the most vulnerable members of our community have access to COVID-19 vaccines, having administered 19,201 vaccines in Los Angeles County.

As a trusted healthcare provider, Eisner Health educates the community on COVID-19 vaccine safety and strongly recommends vaccines to all eligible patients. Later this month, Eisner Health will be releasing a series of COVID-19 vaccine PSA on our website, social media channels and through targeted emails. “We are proud of our response to the COVID-19 pandemic – from caring for our patients on the phone and video to offering outdoor testing and screening, to vaccinating anyone who needs a shot. Getting vaccinated is one of the best ways we can keep LA safe and strong” said Warren Brodine, Eisner Health’s, President + CEO.

However, new questions arise for families with young children as they navigate the newly announced vaccine requirements for school-age children and those aged five years and older. 

Eisner Health is a voice of reason that parents, guardians, grandparents can rely upon when managing their children’s healthcare.  The medical team at Eisner Health speaks out about the new vaccine mandate for five-year-olds. Explaining her advice to families, pediatrician Dr. Courtney Fischer says, “The CDC and FDA recommend vaccination for everyone five years and older.  Vaccinations can help protect your child from getting COVID-19 and becoming severely ill. Although fewer children have been sick with COVID-19 compared to adults, children can get sick from COVID-19 and can spread the virus that causes COVID-19 to others. Children can even have lingering symptoms from COVID-19 infection for months or an inflammatory disease MIS-C that you may have heard about. Getting your child vaccinated helps to protect your child and your family.”

Eisner Health play’s a crucial role in the well-being of community residents by providing safe and reliable information, resource and healthcare services for Los Angeles County residents. One example of this principle in action was at a recent mobile COVID-19 vaccine clinic using our new vaccination van, a gift from The Eisner Foundation.  A gentleman named Jonathan came to the Los Angeles Public Library – Panorama City location to rent a video and stopped at the Eisner Health COVID-19 mobile vaccine clinic to ask questions. He works as a caretaker, sending money home to his wife and 20-year old son in the Philippines.

As it turns out, his wife had recently passed away from COVID-19, leaving his son to care for the household and make funeral arrangements alone as Jonathan couldn’t fly back due to his job and the cost of the flight. Like many, Jonathan had a massive phobia of needles and had heard a lot of misinformation about the vaccines. However, to honor his wife, he received his first dose of Pfizer on August 14, 2021.  He was so surprised when the vaccine was administered that he didn’t even feel it!  His son was scheduled to receive a vaccine in the Philippines and, due in part to the family tragedy, had started studying to be a nurse. 

Eisner Health is working to keep more and more of our community members healthy and decrease the spread of COVID-19.  For more information, please visit our COVID-19 Vaccine Facts and Information website page.