Golden Globes 2016: Viola Davis Already Picked Out Her Gown (and It’s ‘Totally Different’)

Viola Davis is one of our favorite red carpet style stars. She’s known for choosing one sleek design after another (and because of that, we gave her a pass on this brief gray pantsuit phase). But we just learned her Golden Globes 2016 gown may be unlike anything she’s worn before. Find out all the details on her unexpected dress pick!

The How to Get Away with Murder nominee told PEOPLE that her style at the Golden Globes will be “totally different” than anything she’s ever worn. Adding, “It’s very glamour. High glamour.”

She kept mum on other details of the dress, primarily because she claims she’s “not good” with style questions. “I just liked it. I’m terrible with style questions. I have to tell you. I’m horrific,” she shared. “I think the dress is really nice. I feel like it complements me. I feel comfortable in it. I feel pretty in it.”

Davis also revealed that she only takes two minutes to pick out a dress. “If it takes any more time than that I’m not interested,” she said. “You know, I’m not a tryer-on of 50 million dresses unless you catch me at a right time, then you may be able to get in there.”

With her jam-packed schedule, Davis doesn’t have time to dwell over dress fittings. In addition to starring in a hit TV show, she just partnered with the Vaseline Healing Project, an organization that provides poverty-stricken areas with doctors, dermatological care and medical products. The project helps prevent minor health issues, like dry skin, turn into a serious health problem for underprivileged families in need.