GOOD+ Foundation 2018 Daddy Boot Camp® Video

With support from GOOD+, Eisner Health launched Daddy Boot Camp® at the clinic last year to better support fathers as part of a whole family approach. Together, we have provided hundreds of fathers with the education and tools they need to be engaged dads. Eisner Health is proud to partner with GOOD+ Foundation to address father […]

Doctors And Dentists Welcome Pay Hike For Treating Low-Income Patients

  For the second year in a row, California is boosting pay for doctors and dentists who treat the state’s poorest residents as part of a legislative deal designed to improve health care access for patients. In the new state budget, which took effect Sunday, lawmakers allocated a little over $1 billion to pay higher […]

Enfermos y sin acceso a la salud: las barreras que enfrentan los adultos mayores indocumentados en EEUU Por falta de cobertura muchos inmigrantes mayores de 65 años de edad postergan los chequeos médicos, lo que hace que su diagnóstico empeore y el tratamiento se haga más difícil y costoso. Pero en algunos condados hay programas que buscan ayudarlos.

States Extend Medicaid For Birth Control, Cutting Costs — And Future Enrollment

The Trump administration is weighing whether to allow Texas to receive millions of federal Medicaid dollars for its family planning program, which bars abortion providers. The Lone Star State eliminated its Medicaid-funded family planning program five years ago when state officials said they wanted to specifically exclude Planned Parenthood because the group provides abortions. Dozens of women’s […]

Aging, Undocumented and Uninsured Immigrants Challenge Cities and States WASHINGTON, D.C. — Early on a recent morning, men huddle in the Home Depot parking lot, ground zero for day laborers on the hunt for work. Cars pull into the lot, and the men swarm. Among them is Marcos, at 65, wiry and bronzed with a silvery smile. He’s been in the country illegally […]