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Our Patient Relations team at Eisner Health helps patients enroll in insurance, figure out a problem with insurance or just answer general questions about healthcare coverage. Through workshops in the community and phone calls to current patients, we keep our patients updated about the latest changes in healthcare plans and the upcoming deadlines to keep their coverage.

We use a digital system which alerts us when insurance needs to be renewed for each patient. Then our specialists meet with patients and inform them of the type of coverage and services they qualify for from a variety of plans. Then we assist in the enrollment process, providing follow-up to guarantee that the patients get and keep their coverage.

Our team, consisting of seven Certified Applications Counselors (“CACs”) as well as a large support staff, assists 140-200 new and current patients each day.

To learn more about your options and sign up for a health plan, call us at (213) 342-3358

Mon-Sat: 8:00a – 4:30p

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